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Holiday traditions

Holiday traditions

Key holidays that can come into the discussion are midsummer, Santa Lucia, and Christmas.

Ideas for talking about midsummer:

  • The process of creating the maypole
  • Gathering everyone for the afternoon’s festivities
  • The dancing and singing (see the page with songs and the dance pictures)
  • Creating flower wreaths
  • The tradition of seven types of flowers under the pillow so a girl can dream about the man she will marry
  • The food tradition (basically a description of the smorgasbord)
  • Dancing on the dock in the evening

Ideas for talking about Santa Lucia:

  • Saffron buns (discuss the flavor, the shapes)
  • How it is celebrated at schools, work, and at home
  • The music and words
  • The story of St. Lucy (Santa Lucia)

Ideas for talking about Christmas

  • Typical decorations
    • lit stars in the windows
    • white strings of lights in outdoor bushes and as decoration on the house
    • straw figures and ornaments
    • candles
  • Advent tradition
    • Christmas Eve as the key day of celebration
    • Julmiddag (describe typical dishes, including ham and rice pudding)
    • Jultomten (the Christmas elf, essentially Santa Claus)
    • Kalle Anka (Donald Duck, shown about 3pm in the afternoon)