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Rotating parallel sessions

Full-day component of an international day

The setting: a school with three classes of about 20 students each, with each class a different age level

The set-up:

Lunch was served to the children and their families pot-luck style. Families had chosen to make one or more dishes based on the ideas we had shared on the food page. Several items came directly from IKEA. The meal was rounded out by salad.

We set up three different stations so the classes could rotate through each. Each station lasted about 20 minutes.

At station 1, the SWEA representative had a variety of items from the items page arranged on a table. We started at a large world map, where we compared the location of Sweden with our location and hypothesized about the differences this brought to climate and periods of light and darkness. This set the stage for turning to the table of artifacts and sharing information about Swedish culture throughout the year. When the youngest children were at this station, we took a few moments to dance and sing “Små grodorna” (see the games page).

At station 2, two of the parents led the children in trying out the game Kubb, listed on the games page.

At station 3, the children did two or three activities from the Swedish Historical Museum, listed on the crafts page.

20 minutes was a bit too short for the three stations; 30 minutes would probably have been better. The transitions ate up a bit of time and the children had many more questions than they could ask.

It could be interesting to have a 4th station for story-telling.