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  • The “Christmas tree plundring” normally takes place on the 20th Day of Christmas, 20:e Dagen Knut, which is January 13. The traditional sequence of activities is to undecorate the tree, move it into the middle of the room, sing and dance around it, then bear it out of the house.

The setting:

  • The key decoration is a Christmas tree in the middle of the space. It can be artificial; it can be a real one that someone is ready to throw out. Before the event begins, a few ornaments should be added to the tree.

The event

  • The day can include socializing and crafts, as well as the traditional portion of the day.
  • First, everyone works together to “undress” the tree (take off all of the ornaments).
  • Next, the tree is placed in the middle of the “living room”. Everyone gathers in a circle and dances around the tree.
  • Our song page includes some of the songs used traditionally for this task.
  • Finally, everyone gathers together to pick up the tree and carry it outdoors, singing a song about this task:

The words in Swedish:

Nu är glada julen slut, slut, slut
julegranen kastas ut, ut, ut.
Men till nästa år igen
kommer han vår gamle vän,
ty det har han lovat!

Translation to English:

Now happy Christmas is o’er, o’er, o’er
The Christmas tree’s being thrown out, out, out.
But again next year
Our old friend is coming back
Because he has promised that!