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Ideas for Outreach Activities

There are many opportunities to share information about Sweden and Swedish traditions.

Based on our own experiences in struggling to gather ideas and information, SWEA-Austin has created this page as a source of ideas for how to create an interesting session on Swedish culture to share with schools, Scouts, and others (particularly children) interested in learning more about Sweden.

We include separate information pages for each of the following areas:

  • Sample plans (where we explain how we have set up outreach activities in different settings)
  • Scripts of ideas for an interactive presentation
  • Decorating ideas (ideas for creating the impression of Sweden), including pictures
  • Attire for the presenters, including pictures
  • Swedish foods (including links to recipes)
  • Swedish items to show and share (examples to help in setting up an interesting collection of items), including pictures
  • Swedish games, including pages with songs and dance pictures
  • Swedish arts and crafts, including pictures of some of the crafts
  • Links to useful information

If you prefer pictures to words, you can go directly to our pages with pictures about decorations, items to share, attire, dances, and crafts. All of these pictures are also reachable from the appropriate pages throughout this outreach area.

Do plan ahead — it takes some time to prepare the various materials and do the set-up, especially for the craft stations. It is best to have individuals familiar with Sweden and Swedish culture handle the different stations. If that is not possible, then assign stations based on experience / familiarity. For instance, the craft station probably does not require a Swede, but the person explaining geography and culture should be Swedish or should have lived in Sweden. For the games, such as Kubb, the session is likely to go best if the leader has some direct experience with the game.

Please acknowledge SWEA Austin as the source if you find these materials to be useful. We also welcome your input for how to improve or expand the materials.

Lycka till!! (Good luck!!)